VIDEO: She Started Putting Masking Tape On A Champagne Glass. The Reason? AWESOME!

The big holiday season of Christmas and New Year isn’t due for a long time but glitter stemware and glasses can be used for making any occasion special. YouTube’s Bethany Mota has an excellent DIY project for making glitter glasses using some basic art and craft supplies. She was recently seen in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and she has also interviewed President Obama.

• Things You Need –

 Masking tape;
 Spray adhesive; and
 Fine glitter.

• Apply Masking Tape In the Middle of the Glass – Use a masking tape for marking the middle of the glass. The tape would also ensure that when you apply the glitter, you get a straight line.

• Spray The Adhesive On – Choose good quality adhesive of your glitter will fall off and get stuck to the fingers of your friends. Since very fine glitter is chosen for this DIY project, it could also get in your hair and create a mess.

• Sprinkle The Glitter – Finally, take your favorite color of very fine glitter and start sprinkling it over the lower half of the glass that has adhesive on it. The glitter would stick and when you remove the tape, you would get a straight line. Your champagne glass would be half covered in glitter. Let it dry and then the excess would fall off on its own.

You can also make fancy straws with a glitter ball on the top to act as stirrers for your champagne glass. This DIY project is just perfect for any occasion.

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