VIDEO: She Slices Into A Ball Of Cookie Dough. When I Saw The Reason Why. AMAZING

There are plenty of people who want the opportunity to create a dessert that they know they are going to love to eat. It sometimes takes a while before they are able to find exactly the kind of dessert that is right for them.

Luckily, there are places on the Internet where people do nothing more than post their best dessert ideas all the time. One such idea is currently flooding the Internet and getting people excited for the ability to make it.

This idea is a flower looking rainbow cookie. You heard that correctly, you can make rainbow flower cookies cheaply and easily. You essentially take the main ingredients that would be used in regular cookies and prepare them as you would for traditional cookies.

Things like butter, salt, and baking soda are a part of this type of cookie. However, you are going to want to cut the cookie dough ball in a way that is different from a regular cookie. You need to shape it with the various flower pedals and the like.

Another thing that no one wants to forget about these cookies is the fact that the food coloring will need to be added to the mix. If one does this, then they are going to be in good shape to get the kind of cookies that we are all looking for.

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