VIDEO: She Puts Her Baby On His Favorite “Toy”, Then She Hits “ON”. OMG! LOL!

Of course these days it seems like if you’ve seen one viral video, you have seen them all. There is no shortage of cute baby videos or adorable pet videos, and it takes something really really cute to get anyone to raise a brow. We’ve seen a dog dressed as a giant spider, at this point it takes a lot to impress a world full of viral video snobs.

The latest round of viral baby videos so far have all been pretty tame, however there is one video that has been making video snobs laugh their socks off since it hit the internet. This video features an adorable 7 month old baby boy and a Roomba vacuum. For those that don’t know Roomba vacuums are little round vacuum cleaners that glide across the floor without any assistance from a human, they simply slide around the room picking up dust and lint along the way.

The video in question shows just how much joy little baby Luke gets out for riding the Roomba around as his proud mama watches in amazement. The second Luke’s mom turns the Roomba on the baby boy’s face lights up, and he is taken on a ride that he will not soon forget, you just know that Luke is going to demand daily vacuum rides now.

As if the video wasn’t cute enough, the uploader edited in the song “Ridin Dirty” by Chamillionaire. It looks like once again someone has succeeded at making yet another mega cute baby video.

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