VIDEO: She Follows Daughter Around School With A Camera To Teach Her A Powerful Lesson

14-year-old Rickilee Durant from Casper, Wyoming, recently got schooled by her mother for skipping lectures. She skipped her classes for a whole week, prompting the school authorities to report her misdemeanor to her mother, Jeannie Crutchfield. Crutchfield, however, did not spend a lot of time in coming up with a way to discipline her daughter. The next day, Durant found her mother in school with a cellphone taking a video and confronting her about the skipped classes.

The video, which has since gone viral on YouTube, shows Durant vehemently denying skipping classes while Crutchfield follows her around the school building with the cellphone camera. At one point Durant claims to have never cut any classes. Crutchfield responds by telling her that she has received a complaint from the school and had warned her daughter of possible consequences to her actions earlier.

Crutchfield goes on to say that she would spend the rest of the day with her daughter in her school, escorting her to her classes and making sure that she does not skip any of them. While the daughter is clearly piqued by the whole incident, the mother states that she had brought it on herself.

The video has drawn both praise and criticism from different people on the Web. Critics call it akin to bullying the daughter, while those supporting the mother’s actions say that what she did was commendable and justified. While that debate is still open, what is clear is that the mother’s tactics definitely seem to have worked.

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