VIDEO: She Felt A Horrible Pain After Using A Brand Name Baby Wipe. What She Found On It? OMG

Melissa Estrella, a concerned mother of one, posted a video to Facebook on Thursday night warning parents to avoid using Huggies brand baby wipes. She said that she found tiny shards of glass embedded in the cloth. Many other mothers checked their Huggies baby wipes and found those very same shards.

As soon as they found out a spokesman for Huggies posted on Facebook stating that they would work parents to figure out what happened and they would give a detailed account as soon as they could. They even gave contact information out so parents would know how to get a hold of them if more glass was found in their products. That was on August 20th.

On August 21st, Huggies released another statement on their Facebook page stating that the shiny particles aren’t glass fragments but a problem with the manufacturing process. The appearance of the sheets were actually fibers that weren’t combined correctly. They emphasize that glass was never used in their products. However, they do state that any questions or concerns can still be directed to them by parents because the safety of children is their number one concern.

Huggies has chosen not to recall the product. While some mothers probably won’t use Huggies again, there are still others that support them and their goods.

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