VIDEO: Shania Twain Rules The Stage. But Then This Ran Out On Stage And The Crowd Freaked!

While performing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 2014, singer Shania Twain made a grand entrance on stage during one performance by riding a horse.

Twain, whose had a number of hits songs, circled around the stage riding the horse, and when the horse came to a stop, it bowed to the cheering crowd on two occasions. As she did this, she began singing her 1998 hit, “Still the One.” That song was written by Twain and her now ex-husband, record producer Mutt Lange.

After approximately 80 seconds, Twain then gets off the horse and continues singing. When the song begins its bridge after nearly three minutes, the horse once again bows to the crowd. As the song is ending, Twain walks off the stage with the horse.

The video was posted in early March and has been viewed by nearly 468,000 people, with some of the comments criticizing Twin for purportedly lip-synching the song. Her defenders make an effort to combat by saing that the video itself was the cause for the confusion.

Twain had been away from performing for roughly a decade when she began singing exclusively in Las Vegas in a two-year 2012 residency.

The reason for her decade away was primarily of a personal nature, dealing with the fact that Lange began an affair with her best friend that broke up the marriage. Since the divorce, Twain has remarried, ironically to the husband of that former best friend, Frederic Thiebaud.

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