VIDEO: Never In My Entire Life Have I Seen A First Dance Quite Like This. I Cheered The Whole Time

Everybody has a favorite part of a wedding. Some people love the tender exchanging of vows. They just love seeing the love in the eyes of the happy couple. Other people enjoy the first kiss. Some people enjoy the bar at the reception! Still, there are many others who enjoy the first dance of the happy couple. It is this group of people that is receiving a special treat over the internet. The world is loving this first dance by a couple at a recent wedding.

Most first dances are an awkward shuffle. This can be understandable. The couple is deeply in love, and they want to spend the time staring deeply into their loved one’s eyes.

Also, it can be intimidating to dance in front of all of those people. The slow shuffle to a soft rock song is a safe solution to this anxiety. However, this fantastic couple would have none of that playing it safe stuff on the wedding dance floor. Instead, they put together a routine to impress everyone at their reception.

It starts with the DJ announcing the happy couple. The man and woman bound out to the dance floor holding hands. The music is playing a catchy pop tune instead of the standard wedding croon. The happy couple then break out into a wonderfully choreographed dance involving spins, twists, shakes, and turns. The crowd loves it! What do you think? Is their dance as incredible as the internet is saying? Take a look at the video below!

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