VIDEO: Judges Were Freaking Out When They Saw This Fearless Act. This. Is. WILD!

If you know a lot of young kids, you know how they spend their time in general. In particular, siblings spend a lot of time arguing and fighting over objects in the house. However, this was not the case with Emily and Billy, a brother and sister from Birmingham, England. At the tender ages of five and eight, Emily and Billy decided to spend their time pursuing excellence in their talents rather than pursuing sibling rivalry squabbles.

Emily and Billy, now ages 25 and 28, respectively, have recently appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. They have been working on their talent for the past 20 years, and it has absolutely been worth it. What they do is roller skate together, and they incorporate all sorts of dance moves that make it incredibly impressive.

Watching their routine is very entertaining, and it is absolutely astounding that they are able to perform all of those moves. It would be impressive if they were simply dancing, but the fact that they are on wheels makes it almost unbelievable that they are able to perform such athletic and agile maneuvers.

On the show, they absolutely wowed the judges and the audience with their moves and the way in which they executed them with such perfect coordination. They have clearly been putting the past two decades of their lives to good use with this talent, as they are able to entertain so many people, and they have such an impressive skill to share with the world.

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