VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Asks Fans to Send In Texts From Their Moms. I Laughed So Hard I Peed!

The use of technology and the lack of understanding that comes with it with some age brackets is a continuing source of humor for Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, who has a weekly segment each Wednesday on the topic.

The Tonight Show staff uses the show’s Twitter account to post a hashtag, and then will request funny or embarrassing posts that followed.

One that offered a number of tweets in both categories was the hashtag #MomTexts, which shows texts that were sent by mothers obviously unfamiliar with social media shorthand.

One indicated that “Aunt Mary died,” which was followed by the term LOL, which means laughing out loud. The mother sending the text later told her daughter that she thought the acronym meant, “lots of love.”

Another indicated that a man had received a text from his mother that was supposed to read, “You’re amazing.” Instead, because of the autocorrect feature with the technology, it was changed to, “You’re adopted.”

The behavior of friends was the source of another amusing text sent by a mother wondering where her son was at, since his drunken friend was at her home. The mother inexplicably texted that she gave his friend Nutella.

A woman then noted that she had received 12 straight empty text bubbles from her mother, who apparently attempting to unlock her phone.

Finally, one man noted how his mother was unable to figure out where certain punctuation was at, so her question to him read, “How are you question mark.”

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