VIDEO: I’ve Been Lighting Candles Entire Wrong My Whole Life… Who Knew?

Burning a candle seems pretty simple. You light a wick, and the wax is melted as the wick burns. It seems like there is a different way to burn candles, and it could change how you look at the method in your own home.

Many candles offer a relaxing feeling to the home. Some of them give off festive scents for the holidays while others offer a soothing smell that can send you to a peaceful destination in the mind. Sometimes, you will see a build up of wax on the side of the candle that just won’t seem to burn. One tip can get rid of all of the wax so that you don’t waste a candle any longer.

Before lighting a candle, place a strip of foil along the edge. When the candle heats, it will heat the foil. This will in turn heat the wax along the edges of the candle. The wax will then drip to the rest of the candle so that it can burn as well.

This is an easy trick that can be used with candles of almost any size as long as there is room to place the foil along the edge.

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