VIDEO: In Just 700 Days He Lost 425 Pounds And Saved His Own Life!

Three years ago, Ronnie Brower weighed close to 700 pounds and was predicted to die at 35. He decided to take a stand. With his love for Taylor Swift’s music combined with the stark news from his doctors, he decided to make a complete commitment to losing weight, hopefully this could help him meet Taylor Swift in concert.

His path was 700 days long after which he lost a full 425 pounds, shocking friends, families, and doctors alike. When he first started, he could hardly walk. During this journey however, he didn’t allow himself the option of failing. He never let shame, self-doubt, or guilt keep him down. He continued to stay positive even though his hurdles seemed almost insurmountable to those around him.

Though he didn’t yet get a chance to meet Taylor Swift in person, he hopes that his journey can inspire millions of people across the globe, not just in losing their weight but in accomplishing whatever goal they might have in their life, even if ridiculed and scorned along the way.

He has been lucky to have support from good friends, including Joe Bufano, who have helped him maintain his determination and positive outlook each and every step along the way.

If you find Ronnie’s story inspiration, then do spread the news and the inspiration to others. That’s what he would ask from you if he were right now standing next to you.

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