VIDEO: If You Haven’t Been Doing This When Burning Candles, You’ve Been Doing It All Wrong

You may find that a lot of your candles don’t burn down evenly. Some will have wax melted down on one side and not the other, or maybe you have a candle with more than one wick that melts faster than the others.

It doesn’t matter if you use different types of candles the results are still the same. A trick you can use that works is called the aluminum foil trick. You will first need a piece of aluminum foil a little longer than the diameter of your candle.

Fold your foil long ways, until it is about half the height of your candle. This will be what you use to wrap around your candle to help even out the heat. Next, you want to take your foil and wrap it around your candle, the foil will over lap a little bit but that will help it connect better. Leave a little edge above the top, this will be used later. After you have it wrapped, give the candle a squeeze to help the foil stay on better.

Once you have your candle wrapped you then want to take the edge we left earlier and fold it slightly over the lip of the candle this will help hold your foil in place. Give you candle some time to burn and even out before checking on it again. When you go back to check on your candle a hour or so later you can remove the foil and see that it is a nice even burn. This trick can help make your candle last longer. The only thing about this is when the wax melts it puddles more overall all. So you need to leave your wick a little longer.

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