VIDEO: I Thought This Was A Scene Of An Accident, But The Truth Can Save Your Life

An instructional video on what someone should do when they come across an auto accident on the road and need to get a person out of the vehicle was recently posted to aid those in such a situation.

High school students are shown the proper way to break a car window with just their hands, with the fire and rescue individual doing the instructing first explaining the best way to open a vehicle window. Known as an extraction method, the instructor shows how a person to carefully tap on the where the window is loose before then working their way to the right corner. By continually tapping fast, a pop will be heard that indicated that the window can be opened.

The video lasts just 86 seconds, but is able to cogently and quickly explain what to do in this type of situation. That need for speed is vital, considering the number of individuals who still continue to put either their young children or their pets in such situations.

In those cases, no accident has taken place, but the individual or pet has been placed in an enclosed car on a warm day. That enclosure leads to greater heat building up inside the car, which has led to a number of deaths for both the young children and the pets.

The video was first posted in August 2011 and has received over 1.7 million views, with some viewers questioning exactly how strong the glass was, considering how easily it broke.

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