VIDEO: I Love Bacon! But What’s Hiding Underneath Of It In This Recipe? OMG!!

If you do not want to have another party with the typical appetizers, you should definitely try making these “cheesy bacon bombs.” Your guests will love them, and you will be able to impress them with this recipe, even though it is incredibly simple to make. Anyone can do it, whether you have culinary talent or not.

To make the cheesy bacon bombs, you will just need a package of bacon, one can of Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Biscuits, one block of mozzarella cheese, oil, and either skewers or toothpicks.

Basically, what you will do is cut the cheese into blocks, cut the bacon into small pieces, and tear the biscuit dough into pieces as well. Then, wrap the cubes of cheese in biscuit dough, and wrap the entire packages with pieces of bacon. Fry these concoctions in oil that has been heated to 350 degrees until all parts of it are golden brown. Then, put them onto paper towels to drain out all the excess oil and let them cool down.

Once they are done, you will have a truly delicious snack that everyone will love. You can add your own creativity to the recipe as well, including ingredients such as jalapeno peppers or dipping sauces. If you like mixtures of sweet and salty, you can even drizzle on raspberry preserves or put cups of it on the side for people to dip these. This is one appetizer that is sure to please just about everyone at your party.

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