VIDEO: I Bet You’ve Never Seen Someone Chop Wood Quite Like This. SO COOL!

For those who live in rural areas or use a wood burning stove to provide heat and hot water the problem of how to safely and efficiently chop wood can be one that is difficult to overcome.

A viral video is now showing anybody how to chop wood in perhaps the safest and most efficient manner possible, with the use of just a chain and an axe the skilled axeman shows the World that chopping and moving wood is something that can be done with ease.

The video begins with the axeman placing a small piece of the trunk of a tree on a flat, sturdy surface. Next, he places a small chain around the central piece of the log and tightens it securely in the center of the piece of wood to be chopped.

This is followed by the woodsman showing off the ax he is about to use to chop the wood and displaying its sharpness and the size of the piece of equipment. Not everybody who tries to use this technique will find it as easy to move as quickly or as fast as the individual in the video, who chops the piece of wood into small pieces as if slicing through a pie.

He quickly moves around the log after splitting through the center of it and chops it into high quality kindling. With the chain still in place he moves to the back of a truck and places the chopped wood on top of a pile of pieces before removing the chain and allowing the pieces to fall into a neat pile.

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