VIDEO: Hundreds Of People Passed By This Child Everyday And Did Nothing. What Happened Next? WOW

It might be worth thinking about whether you would help a homeless child, or just keep walking when you see him. Hundreds of New Yorkers, unfortunately, just kept going.

A video was made where a boy dressed up in ripped clothing and posed as a homeless boy on a busy street in New York City to see how people would react to him. Most people ignored him, but after a few hours, a homeless man tended to him. He put his own jacket on the boy and gave him his own little bit of money so that the child could eat something. He told the boy, “I’m homeless…we got to look out for one another[…]I messed up in life, but you know, you’re young you can have a good chance at life.”

This homeless man became an unlikely hero among a city of people who showed almost no concern or empathy for this young boy. Once the video was done, he got his reward for his kindness. The producers of the video approached him, hugged him, and gave him at least $500. He is proof that one can be truly caring to others despite having his own serious problems to deal with.

The homeless in New York are coping with freezing temperatures in New York this winter, and they could use clothing. OckTV has put together a fundraiser to clothe these people, and if you are interested in making a contribution, you could actually help save a life.

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