VIDEO: Heroic Cops Do Something I Only Thought Happened In Movies To Save A Life

Officers from Camden County, New York were faced with a dilemma. There was a family of three trapped on the second floor of their house located on Atlantic Avenue. The fire was ignited on the first floor when a Christmas tree went into flames.

The mother, daughter, and son were trapped on the second floor. Officers rushed to the scene. They managed to kick in the front door. Officers attempted to locate the family but the flames were overwhelming making it impossible to make a rescue from the first floor. An officer collapsed trying to make it to the second floor. The officers had to evacuate the building.

The quick thinking officers realized they had to execute another plan in order to save the family. The officers gathered together to form a human safety net by locking arms. They then proceed to ask the family to jump.

The family jumped to safety and then was rushed to Cooper University Hospital. They were transferred to another hospital because their conditions remain critical. These are extremely heroic and courageous officers that did everything they could to save this family safely. The family is still alive and the names are not being released.

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