VIDEO: He Was Holding A Salute For Hours. But What These Bikers Did Next? WHOA!

The Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom is an event that has been held every Memorial Day Weekend in Washington D.C. since 1988. In it, hundreds of motorcyclists ride together to show that America’s servicemen and women who are Prisoners of War and Missing in Action have not been forgotten.

A regular at these events is veteran Marine sergeant Tim Chambers. He stands for hours holding a fixed salute as the bikers ride past him. He does it to show respect for America’s imprisoned and missing soldiers.

At the event in 2013 Chambers was suffering from a broken wrist yet still held his position for over three hours. His salute was unwavering during all that time and there is no way to tell from looking at him that he is injured. He stands stationary in the middle of the street as the bikers ride past him on either side. His head is lowered to show respect for the veterans everywhere.

Many of the bikers stop as they pass to return the salute. Chambers also has his own memorial made from a rifle, boots and other military items. For his vigil every year at the Ride for Freedom, Chambers is known as “The Saluting Marine”.