VIDEO: He Takes A Cherry, Places It On A Bottle, Then Stabs It With A Chopstick. And The Reason…

It is a fantastic feeling to have a big bowl of sweet cherries in front of you, isn’t it? They taste amazing, and they are just so refreshing. The only downfall is the center, the pit of the fruit.

There’s no need to strategically chew around the center of this delicious fruit any longer though! There is a way to easily and efficiently remove cherry pits, so all you have left is the fleshy outer layers!

First, you need to get two bowls. We can call one bowl, bowl A, and the second bowl, bowl B. Bowl A will have all of the cherries that still have pits in them. Bowl B will be for the newly pitted fruit.

Second, get a bottle of some sort that has a long neck on it, such as a used beer bottle or old fashioned, glass soda bottle.

Thirdly you will want to get a chopstick or some type of stick that is about the same width and size as a chopstick.

Now you will want to place a cherry, with the stem removed, atop the neck of the bottle, so it is sitting where the cap would normally be. Take the chop stick and push through where the dip of the fruit where the stem would be.

All of the pits will be at the bottom of the bottle then. What easy clean up!

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