VIDEO: He Puts A Mug On The Plate Before Reheating, It Looks Weird, But The Reason Is Perfect!

We all use a microwave everyday. We might use it to reheat our lunch. Maybe we need to defrost some hamburger before tossing it into the skillet. There are lots of uses for a microwave. However, sometimes the internet can help us learn just a few more ways to use this standard kitchen appliance. A video is showing one of these great tricks involving a plate and a mug.

The problem solved by this little hack is one we all have experienced. You have a great plate of leftovers in your fridge. You are thrilled to be able to eat this food for lunch or as a quick and easy dinner. You scoop the leftovers out of their storage container from the fridge.

You pile the food on the plate. You place it in the microwave and wait. However, you quickly discover that the center is cold! How can you get rid of this cold center on your leftover plate? The mug and the plate is the answer!

Simply move the leftovers away from the middle of your plate before attempting to reheat the meal in the microwave. You should make a center hole big enough for the mug.

Once you have the hole in the leftovers, place the mug upside down in the cleared area. Now, you can reheat your food! The result is an even cooking throughout the entire plate! The mug prevents food from being in that center area that is so hard to heat. Try it on your leftovers tonight!

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