VIDEO: He Pours Orange Juice In a Plastic Bag. What He Turns It Into? DELSIH!

It’s summer. It’s hot and your kids are home from school, and they need something to cool off. Instead of sending them off for high caloric ice cream or milkshakes, this video from Crazy Russian Hacker shows how to make a delicious and nutritious treat in as little as ten minutes.

Making this slushie is pretty simple. All you need is orange juice, a big zip lock bag, as well as a small one, ice, salt and a towel. Start the process by pouring orange juice in the small zip lock bag and close it, but be sure to push out all the air in the bag.

Next, put the small bag of juice into the bigger bag, which you will fill with ice. But ice by itself is not cold enough to turn the juice into slush. So that’s where the salt comes in. Dump it into the bag. Not a small amount, a large amount. This lowers the freezing point of ice. Even though it will melt, the ice, believe it or not, will get colder. Put the bag into a towel and shake it around for five to ten minutes.

In that time, the orange juice will turn into slush. All that’s left is putting it into a bowl or glass. A treat like this will not only satisfy hot and hungry kids, but according to Crazy Russian Hacker, “You can even impress your girlfriend with it.”

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