VIDEO: Grandma Got THIS Present And It’s Not What She Thought It Was. OMG!

Never judging a book by its cover, just took on a new meaning in this year’s Christmas, or should it be to never judge a present by what you see. The Grandmother in this video was taken by complete surprise when she discovered the present she received was not exactly what she had thought it was…much to her delight.

This grandma doesn’t have a fear of learning new technology, but cannot find a meaning in using it especially when she has something that already works just fine without her having to learn something new. The new technology in question is a cell phone, when she believes her land line phone works just fine although she does not receive as many calls as she would like.

The look on her face is priceless when she opens to discover the phone and gives a mean look to whoever is holding the camera.

Telling him she can’t understand why he would buy her a cell phone, she has no use for it. But when he tells her to open it up she does, and then as she continues her ranting about how the gift was a waste she is told by the cameraman to take a bite of her new phone.

She looks stunned at first, but then quickly realizes she is holding a chocolate cell phone that is a piece of candy. No new learning needed here grandma. She doesn’t decide to eat it right away but does look to be relieved and will hold on to it for a little while longer.

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