VIDEO: After Seeing This, I’ll Never Cook Eggs The Same Way Every Again…

Everyone loves fresh omelets for breakfast, but the tell-tale flip isn’t always pretty. And honestly the clean-up is a hassle – pans and egg matter caked on spatulas… Just admit it – omelets are great, but most mornings, you’re not quite up for putting on a production like that. But thanks to a head chef at AllRecipes’ YouTube channel, all those omeletteless mornings can be a thing of the past.

Instead of using a frying pan and spatula, this pro simply cooks his omelets in a Ziplock bag. It may sound inconceivable, but the method is tried and proven by thousands of cooks and online viewers. No yoke.

First, he places two eggs into a ziplock bag, the yolks broken. After sealing the bag and beats the eggs with his fingers, the bag is reopened and other omelet ingredients are added, like vegetables, cheese, bacon, jalapeños, coffee beans, whatever your early morning taste desires. The bag is again sealed tight and ingredients mixed. But instead of a frying pan, a medium-sized pot of water is heated to a boil, thenthe Ziplock bag placed inside inside. About thirteen minutes later, the egg mixture is evenly cooked and can be extracted from the bag and enjoyed. No mess! Best of all, the bag can be thrown away. No pan or spatula to scrub, no omelette to flip and ruin, just delicious eggs with minimal clean-up!

When this video and recipe first made their debut online, several viewers commented about the fear of harmful chemicals in plastic bags being released into the food. However Good Housekeeping conducted a study testing different types of plastics used for cooking, Ziplock bags among them, and found that these freezer bags when thoroughly heated did not produce either of the plastic chemicals harmful to humans. Because Ziplock bags are food-grade plastics, they are manufactured specifically for holding consumables and do not leach chemicals when heated to boiling temperatures.

So grab your favorite omelette ingredients and give this great breakfast hack a try! No difficult cooking skills required and no mess afterwards.Check out the video!

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