Victoria’s Secret Kicks All Black People Out Of A Store As One Woman Documents The Aftermath

Facebook’s live video posting option has changed the game and has been used to bring awareness to a lot of social issues. The latest example comes from an incident at a Victoria’s Secret store in Oxford, Alabama. After a black woman was caught shoplifting in the store, an employee went up to two other black women shopping there and told them to leave the store. Their only crime? Being black.

DISTURBING VIDEO: Victoria's Secret Store ORDERS All Black People To LEAVE THE STORE . . . Calls Police To Help Them REMOVE All The Black Shoppers!! (How Is This LEGAL??)

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Kimberly Houzah took to Facebook right after being asked to leave and told her story through tears in a now viral video post. Houzah had gone into Victoria’s Secret that day thinking, “you know what, I’m going to treat myself.” She speaks to the camera about how both she and her mother have spent a lot of money in that store. She calls out the employee, Faith, by name and urges her friends and family to not shop there anymore. A great sale on boyfriend panties isn’t reason enough, and Houzah says she’ll be turning to Fruit of the Loom drawers from Wal-mart after this incident. She loves her comfortable and stylish items from Victoria’s Secret, but not at the expense of being treated with such racist disrespect.

The whole of experience wouldn’t have been quite as hard to take, Houzah says, if there had been any evidence that she was with the shoplifter or even that they knew each other. She would have even preferred that the employee had asked to look through her bag rather than just been told to leave.

Victoria’s Secret Kicks All Black People Out Of A Store As One Woman Documents The Aftermath

Despite the hurt and the anger, Houzah ended her video on a positive note. She reflects that God works in mysterious ways, and she recognizes that this upsetting incident saved her a few hundred dollars that she probably didn’t need to be spending anyway.

Corporate Victoria’s Secret probably wasn’t too happy about this negative attention, but they did step and take some steps to try to make it right. On their Facebook page, they say that they’ve reached out to Houzah to apologize and say that the offending employee is no longer with Victoria’s Secret. They close their post by insisting that they believe all customers, regardless of race, be treated with dignity. No word yet on if Houzah’s reaction to the apology or if she’s decided to shop at her beloved Victoria’s Secret again after Corporate’s response.

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