Twins Can Not Tell They’re Out Of The Womb – Look At Their Faces… INCREDIBLE!

Life before birth is a mysterious time. Our months in the womb are a mysterious part of our lives that we all go through but forget long before we have the ability to talk about it. Yet, this pre-birth stage can have profound impacts on the rest of some people’s lives. For twins, the womb is where they have their first real interactions with another person and in some cases where they make their first friend.

We can’t explain the innate connections that twins seem to have with each other, but we can witness these connections first hand. For many twins, a best friends relationship just seems to come naturally. We’ve all heard stories of twins feeling connected to each other or intuitively understanding something about each other even when they are living far away from each other. And this connection seems to start right from birth.

Recently, two young twins have shown that they are already starting to form an unbreakable relationship when they refused to be separated from each other for bath time. Their mother put them in a Baby Spa, and as the two felt the water around them they clung to each other just like they were still in the womb.

It’s a heartwarming moment and a testament to the relationship these two young souls have already started to form with each other. Watch the video below and see this connection between twins in action!

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