Trump’s in a Tailspin: Whining About Being Set Up, Knows He’s Going To Prison

It comes as no surprise to much of the American public how active President Donald Trump is when it comes to posting Tweets. However, what many people have noticed is the fact that they are watching him go through a free fall based on those Tweets alone. He seems to be spinning out of control, and at the same time, he claims that he has been set up for failure.

On June 16, 2017 around 8:00 AM, President Trump posted a Tweet stating that, while he has been under investigation and attended committee hearings about his possible involvement with Russia, he finds it rather “sad” that nothing has been found as of yet. About half an hour later, he posted again, this time in another attempt to discredit the media by claiming that only news given on his social media outlets are the actual news. He claims that because 100 million people follow and respond to him on social media, he has a great deal of power. He also notes that “Fake News Media” apparently hates this factor. Yet another twenty minutes later, he changes his tune a little by position once more. He calls the investigations a “phony Witch Hunt,” and while they are going on to try and discredit him, he claims that the economy is thriving and job numbers are doing well.

This succession of posts indicates a number of things about what might be going on in President Trump’s mind. First and foremost, the frequency by which he makes these posts indicates that he could very well have racing thoughts that might not be all that settling. At the same time, this frequency also indicates that he has nothing better to do with his time than to post on Twitter throughout his mornings instead of focusing his efforts and energy on properly running the county.

The nature of the posts is rather boastful, as always, which also indicates proof positive to President Trump’s critics that he is a narcissist. Specifically, he makes attacks on media, once more, and makes claims as if he is on a pedestal situated high above them. In some aspects, it seems almost as if the media is beneath him to a point that what they have to say does not have an impact on him or his presidency.

These three posts are not the only ones that he had to make on this day, though. Only about ten minutes after his third post, he made a fourth that kind of let information become known that necessarily did not have to be stated. He claims that he is “being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the many who told” him to do the very deed. This post indicates that President Trump does not stand behind his decisions. Instead, he finds someone else to blame for his own doings. Therefore, he claims that other people in higher positions of power within the country are making attempts to set him up to fail as president.

There is an overall theme to these posts, though. These Tweets are an attempt to set up a certain frame of mind within his followers. He is attempting to write a story to make them believe that attacks are being made against him in an unneeded manner. Essentially, he needs to find someone to blame. It could very well be that President Trump realizes he has made mistakes, and he does not want the fingers to be pointed at him for making them. In many cases, these statements can be seen as a dangerous method of managing public relations.

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