Trump Sends Note To The Press Explaining How Much The Press Loves Him

Trump Sends Note To The Press Explaining How Much The Press Loves Him

In an unprecedented (unpresidented?) move earlier today, Trump sent out a note to the press essentially trying to prove just how beloved he is by the press. To be clear, it’s common for this sort of thing to be sent out during elections, trying to drum up support. But very few if no presidents in the past have done this while President of the United States.

The email quickly leaked by the press and is now showing to the American people just how narcissistic and insecure Trump really is. The letter included messages by Sean Hannity and Ted Cruz, even though those individuals are already highly biased on the subject.

Along with this, the Chicago Tribune actually claimed that Trump was right in focusing on jobs right away even though in the past, Donald Trump outsourced jobs overseas.

USA Today actually believes that Trump came out on the right side of the debate on the pipelines that have recently been moved forward, and The Daily Signal somehow said that the pipeline decision was good for the economy and the environment. Apparently potential oils pills are considered to be good for the environment by that editorial staff.

This email seems to be trying to send the message that certain presses are “getting it right” and that it’s time for the other presses to follow suit. Instead of recognizing and respecting the freedom of the press, Donald Trump seems to be skirting on the edge of authoritarianism by bullying the press into giving him good headlines.

This is all to stroke Donald Trump’s particularly fragile ego. The narcissism of this person seems to have no limits, and he will stop at nothing to build up that ego at all costs. In other words, Trump is trying to make the press focus on all of his positive attributes and achievements even though his flaws and faults are massive and obvious.

Trump doesn’t seem to mind doing things that he himself criticized his opponent for doing. He still uses his unprotected cell phone, and members of his administration have been using private servers for email.

All of this comes as Trump faces a lawsuit for serious ethics violations in his business connections and deals. He’s already been recorded bragging about sexual assault and may face charges in a sexual harassment suit.

This is a man who will stop at nothing to stroke his own ego while attempting to crush those that oppose him. Although, for example, Trump put a gag order on all national park Twitter accounts, national parks are firing back with alternative Twitter accounts that are deliberately out of Trump’s reach.

Perhaps you’re someone who enjoys the arts? You’ll be surprised to know that Trump is planning to remove the National Endowment for the Arts as well as the National Endowment for the Humanities.

There seems to be no low that Trump won’t stoop to to accomplish his goals and in the meantime spite his opponents. He’s even put a gag order on the EPA and required scientists to first submit their work to someone he’s handpicked to only publish information that Trump deems to be correct. In defiance of this, a large collective of scientists is planning on staging a march to show their defiance against this draconian directive.

Only time will tell just how Trump’s administration will continue to carry out these types of actions, but the fact of the matter is that this is happening. This is real. And the more we cry out against these injutices, the more we fight a proto-totalitarian regime and leader. It’s all we can do.

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