Trump Has Been Banned from the U.K. – For At Least Two Years. Here’s Why

Trump Has Been Banned from the U.K. – For At Least Two Years. Here’s Why

Donald Trump’s disapproval ratings have been unprecedentedly high since he was elected, as he set records for the highest disapproval ratings of an American president. Just a few weeks ago, the President went on his first trip oversees, which quickly, but not surprisingly, went terribly. Not only did he demonstrate why he is unfit to be President, but Trump also offended multiple world leaders and made the U.S., a major world power, look ridiculous. Given the results of his trip as well as Trump’s massively unpopular policies, it’s not surprising that many countries don’t want to see him within their borders. As of recently, you can add the U.K., one of America’s biggest allies, to that list.

Initially, Trump was supposed to visit the U.K. after he won the election, as is customary for America’s President. Indeed, Prime Minister Theresa May had invited Trump soon after he won, but conspicuously, no date was set. Not only has Trump still yet to visit the U.K., but now reports are coming out that the visit has been pushed back at least two years as both U.K. citizens and government leaders make their disdain for the President plain.

The news was first broken by the Telegraph, which reported that the Queen’s speech for this year doesn’t mention Trump or include any references to his visit, while it does include a welcome for King and Queen of Spain. In addition, a report from the Guardian, another major UK news source, reported that Trump, in discussions with Theresa May, said that he didn’t want to visit London if there would be angry protesters. Based on the general disdain or even hatred that UK citizens have shown towards President Trump, protesters would be likely to show up, perhaps even a large crowd. In the UK, Trump’s approval ratings are as low as they are in the U.S., and even lower in a recent poll, which found that he is viewed favorably by only 18 percent of people in the U.K.

At this point in his presidency, Donald Trump is hated by most of the world, and the U.K. hasn’t been the only nation to ban him from visiting due to the disdain he receives from leaders and citizens alike. Much of the world now desires Trump’s impeachment, especially considering his role as a major world leader, and at this point, impeachment seems increasingly likely given his unpopular polices and the awful impression he has made on other world leaders.

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