TIny Girl Leaves Thousands Speechless When She Sings THIS. At :31, I Was In Complete Awe

When an 8-year-old covers a song, you might expect her to sing Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, or even Adele in some cute way. Instead, Angelina Jordan surprised an entire crowd by singing “What A Difference A Day Makes” like a singer straight from the 1940’s. She almost gave Dinah Washington, the singer who popularized the English version of the song, a run for her money.

She’s seen with both hands on the microphone, eyes clothes, slowly swaying from side to side as she sings the lyrics. On a few occasions, she smiled awkwardly and looks around the audience, but that’s the only sings of her looking nervous. She seems like a natural on the platform, so much so that she isn’t wearing shoes.

During her entire performance, the audience is captivated by her voice and humble charm. It’s not a surprise that they cheered and whistled once her rendition of the song was over. She bowed and smiled, as you would expect, but hardly changed her humble appearance at all with that gesture.

Angelina ended up winning Norway’s Got Talent in 2014 by singing “Summertime” by George Gershwin with that same voice and charm. Like her past performance, she held the microphone with both hands and she still didn’t wear shoes.

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