This Giant Rose Cake Is BEAUTIFUL, But Then I Saw The Inside… Stunning!

This drop-dead gorgeous rose cake is impressive. Its large size and vibrant colors are beautiful, and the superb choice to make the petals and leaves with modeling chocolate instead of fondant makes it taste super sweet while giving structure to the flower’s sculpt.

However, the outside isn’t the only stunning part of this super pink sweet treat. The inside of the cake looks mouth-watering with its layers of vanilla cake and buttercream frosting. The pink and white look lovely together, perfect for any occasion that calls for a feminine touch.

The delicate petals peel away from the cake, letting the eater choose just the right amount of frosting to cake ratio. For sweet-tooths, the modeling chocolate tastes great on its own as well, and the petal shape makes it an easy snack.

`The cake’s maker, Vanessa of the popular YouTube channel Cake Style, created this cake for her daughter’s birthday, then shared its beauty with the rest of the world in a how-to style video format. She includes the recipe and the colors used for the cake’s pink petals and green leaves so that viewers can make their own giant pink rose cake at home. Seems like Vanessa is pretty sweet herself!

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