This Family Has A hidden Message In Their Xmas Photo. Can You Spot It? HOW CUTE!

Some Christmas pictures are meant to be fun while others have a serious look. The family might want to dress in the same colors or simply get the picture made to have it placed on a card. There is one family picture that has a hidden message, and the woman receiving the good news isn’t even aware of what she’s seeing.

When a man decides that it’s time to ask his girlfriend to marry him, there are a few different ways that it can be done. He could do something traditional, something romantic or plan a fun event like Tyne Owen did for his girlfriend. During a family photo session, the man and his girlfriend, Jamie, sat in the first row.

All of the other family members were behind the couple and to the side. Each person had a shirt featuring a letter that would spell “Merry X-Mas.” A second picture was taken, but there were a few letters that were changed. The people holding the “E” and the “A” changed positions with those who had the “X” and the “S”.

This was done in a way so that “Marry Me” was in the picture. Jamie made sure everyone was in position, and that’s when she saw the question. She, of course, said yes.

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