This Dying Deer Is Caught In The Fence. Now See What The Pit Bull Does

This Dying Deer Is Caught In The Fence. Now See What The Pit Bull Does

The video shows Loreal, owner of the sweet pit bull, Gotti being sweet to an animal in need. Loreal knew her sweet Pitt bull didn’t have a mean bone in his body. Loreal found a young deer that was in trouble, caught up in her fence.

The poor deer was struggling and exhausted. Many people look at pit bulls and think they are vicious breeds of dogs, but that was not the case when it came to Gotti. Gotti is a kindhearted, gentle dog that took the time to comfort a poor helpless deer.

Gotti was very sweet when he laid down by the scared deer’s side and started licking the deer’s legs all a while Loreal rescued the deer to safety. Amazingly, all of this was caught on camera. When the deer was untangled, Loreal called an animal rehab crew to help the deer that was resting in her garden.

It was the sweetest thing because the deer wanted Gotti to stay by its side. Loreal says that her pit bull is the kindest and most loving, gentle dog you’ll ever meet. This story just goes to show that it is not good to judge a dog based on its breed. Any breed of dog can be gentle and kindhearted. It all depends on how a dog is raised. If this story does not show how sweet pit bulls can be then I don’t know what will.

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