This Dolphin Has Something Stuck In Him. Wait Until You See The Diver Tear It Out, Pure Joy!!

Animals that swim in the ocean sometimes get things stuck in their skin. They usually can’t get the objects out as they don’t have arms or hands. It often takes the help of a fisherman or someone on the beach who sees the animal for it to get any kind of help at all.

A diver was in for the surprise of his life when a dolphin was swimming close to him. The dolphin motioned for the man to swim near him. There was a fishing hook that was stuck in the fin of the animal. When the diver saw that the dolphin had the object stuck, he gently pulled it out so that the animal wouldn’t be in pain.

The diver was swimming in the water looking for manta rays when the dolphin approached him. The dolphin didn’t cause any harm to the man while he was in the water. After the hook is removed, the dolphin appears to thank the man for his help. There was also a line attached to the hook that the man had to cut free.

The dolphin was patient through the entire process and was able to swim freely in the water only a few minutes after the man was done.

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