This Dog Is Supposed To Get Out Of The Crib, But Instead- They Can’t Stop Laughing

There are so many negative stories about dogs who do not get along with babies. A lot of the time, when parents bring home a new baby, the dog gets jealous and sometimes even attacks the baby. While this is unfortunate, it is always wonderful to see stories of dogs who actually love the new additions to their homes. This Boston terrier is one such dog.

The little girl in this video is in her crib, which is exactly where her parents expected her to be. What they did not expect, however, was to find the family dog, a Boston terrier named Humphrey, right there in the crib with her. Apparently, Humphrey loves this baby girl so much that her crib is his favorite spot.

She loves that he is in there as well, which is apparent from her happiness in the video with the large dog in the crib right next to her. The baby is absolutely delighted watching the dog jump out of her crib and jump back in.

Clearly, Humphrey and the baby girl are already the best of friends, and this bond will only get stronger as she grows older and learns to appreciate this dog on a more complex level. It is wonderful just how close humans and dogs can be, and these two are an example of what this relationship is like at the very beginning. It is entertaining to see this dog and how he relates to the baby girl and her crib.

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