This Depressed Goat Sat In A Corner For 6 Days – Then He Hears THIS Outside…

This Depressed Goat Sat In A Corner For 6 Days – Then He Hears THIS Outside…

Sometimes the most unlikely friendships are the most heartwarming. When two souls click, it doesn’t matter what species they are. There is no better example of this than the story of Mr. G and Jellybean, a goat and donkey pair that formed an incredible bond.

Mr. G the goat and Jellybean the donkey lived together for 4 years in a neglectful home. They became fast friends and went everywhere together, not separating even to eat or sleep. Even though they lived in a difficult situation, the two were always content as long as they were together.

When all of the animals on their farm were rescued, the rescuers had no idea that Mr. G and Jellybean were so close. The two best friends were separated and sent to different animal sanctuaries.

Most people would think that an animal would be happier after being rescued. However, Mr. G immediately began to show signs of depression. His rescuers say he refused to eat, wouldn’t pay attention to anybody around him, and did nothing but lie in the corner of his stall for 6 entire days. He was lethargic and his eyes were sad and glazed over. Everybody at his new sanctuary, Animal Place, was concerned for Mr. G’s health. Nobody knew what was wrong with him until somebody suggested that he might miss his former pen-mate.

Although the idea seemed a little far-fetched, one volunteer actually drove 14 hours round-trip to pick up Jellybean and bring him to Animal Place. Immediately after Jellybean stepped off the trailer, Mr. G sprung back to life. He ran to see his friend and bleated with joy. Just the sight of his best friend brought Mr. G back to his perky self immediately. Mr. G made a full recovery and immediately began eating again.

Today, the two best friends remain together at Animal Place, where they can be spotted roaming together in their pen. They even eat out of the same dish! Their friendship truly exemplifies the beauty of a bond between two animals, no matter the species.

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