They Told Her She Was Too Fat To Make It. What Happened A Few Years Later? So Awesome!

They Told Her She Was Too Fat To Make It. What Happened A Few Years Later? So Awesome!

Tess Holliday recent defied modeling industry odds by making history. Holliday is the largest female model to ever receive a professional contract. She weighs 250 pounds and stands 5’4″ tall. The Mississippi model’s story began very modestly.

She racked up 628,000 followers on the popular social networking website Instagram — and all without the assistance of any contract. Her Instagram fans were all riveted by her curvaceous physique and penchant for wearing fashionable attire and accessories. Holliday has even posted photographs of herself in teeny-tiny bikinis, many tattoos prominently visible.

Holliday recently inked a contract with the London, United Kingdom-based Milk Model Management. She’s also just started work on a “Yours Clothing” advertising campaign. Holliday advocated risk-taking in fashion when speaking with the UK’s Daily Mail recently. She said that she thinks that many plus-sized females often conceal their physiques in apparel such as cardigans. She also said that she believes that doing so detracts from all of the things that make plus-sized females attractive.

Holliday has absolutely no issue at all with the use of the term “plus-sized.” She believes that all the term does is describe peoples’ figures. She doesn’t think that “plus-sized” has any negative influence. Holliday believes that people who take issue with the word “plus” are displaying indications of “fat phobia” from within. Her goal is to take back the words “plus” and “fat” and do away with any negative associations that are regularly pinned to them. The fashion industry — and public — can’t wait to see what this stunner does next.

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