They Found This Puppy On Th Sidewalk, Abandoned – But Wait Until You See His Transformation

On a sidewalk in Romania, a newborn puppy lay abandoned on the sidewalk. An infant that age is completely helpless, and he would not have survived long if some caring humans had not intervened. Luckily for this little black and white puppy, however, it was soon in the capable hands of the rescue organization Howl of a Dog.

The experts working at this rescue understand the intricacies of caring for a puppy in such a delicate stage of life. It wasn’t easy at first. The pup, soon given the name Joy, had to be fed with a bottle and kept under close supervision until he grew stronger. Eventually, he flourished under the care he was given, and by the time he was four months old, he was indistinguishable from any puppy with a more normal upbringing.

All that was left was finding a permanent home for the pup, and his new owners soon surfaced. A family in the Netherlands saw the photos and videos of little Joy and fell completely in love with him. They were so taken with him that they thought nothing of traveling 2500 km to pick their new pet up.

It was a long drive across Europe, but seeing this puppy with his new family, it is clear that the trek was well worth it. While his life began with an act of cruelty, many subsequent acts of kindness have given Joy a bright future.

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