These Two Irish Singers Mashed Our Favorite Adele Songs Into One MESMERIZING Cover

Music has always been something popular even centuries ago when it could only be heard live because recording devices did not exist. Music in the modern age is a bit more complicated. Social media is changing the dynamics of music and giving people opportunities that did not exist previously. Famous musicians are now much closer to their fans than was possible in the past when all someone could do was write letters or hope to get tickets to a concert. This is causing some people to start taking the admiration of various pop stars to new levels.

A popular trend lately has been for average people who enjoy a certain musician to do some type of cover. You can see this when high school bands, groups of college friends or even entire wedding parties get together and start singing the well-known songs of some famous musician. Social media is making all these amateur covers much more accessible to the public. Some of the cover performances are funny because they are just awful to hear and out of key. Others show that certain people have surprising talents when it comes to singing and vocal arts. Two students living in Ireland recently caught the attention of the world in this way.

Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy are just average students who have a real passion for music. They have been fans of the singer Adele for a very long time. One of the students happens to be a very talented piano player. Both of the men can also hold a tune much better than most other people can. The two decided one day that they would create a tribute to the music that they love. This meant working on creating a mashup of a few of their favorite Adele songs performed on video. Most people did not expect to see what they were able to do.

The video of Scolard and Murphy’s performance was posted online. There are no elaborate sets or anything else. One of the men is standing up and the other is sitting at a piano still partially covered by a protective cloth. The duo immediately launched into some of Adele’s greatest hits. They move from one song to the next seamlessly. The transitions between songs are perfect and do not interrupt the melody. The men also happen to have complementary voices that work very well together when signing an Adele song.

The video the men created lasts for just about two and a half minutes. They were incredibly surprised by the response the video received online. The men were immediately praised by many people from all over the world. It was picked up by media outlets and played on television stations everywhere. It was mirrored and reported on by several major blogs. The video had gone viral launching the two students into the spotlight. The video continues to rack up views today across various social media platforms. The men stayed in school and continued their education while this was all happening.

A big surprise came a little later. Scolard and Murphy were asked to attend an Adele concert in Dublin. They were unaware that Adele has a habit of following social media trends that goes as far back as Myspace. She was fully aware of who they were. She stopped her concert in the middle and asked the two students to come up on stage with her. She then asked the two to perform their mashup of her songs for the entire concert audience. The men did this for Adele marking the crowning achievement of their musical careers so far.

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