These Kittens Were Abandoned And Left To Die, What Found Them Will Melt Your Heart!

When a small animal is rescued from the brink of death, it tugs at the heart of most people. Two kittens were left in a dumpster. They were left to die. As a man on his garbage route was going by the dumpster, he heard the soft cries of the kittens.

They were under a brush pile, and instead of leaving them, the man had to look for what was making the sounds. The kittens were laying hungry and tired. They were so helpless that they looked as though they couldn’t hold on much longer.

This is when the garbage man jumped into action. He wasn’t going to let the kittens stay in the dumpster, so he picked them up, and he carefully placed them in his truck until he finished his route. No one knows whether someone tossed the kittens in the dumpster or if the kittens somehow made it inside on their own.

It is also possible that a mother cat gave birth to the kittens in the dumpster and left them behind. The kittens needed someone to love them and give them a safe home. The garbage man kept the kittens so that they would have a permanent place to live complete with food and a lot of love.

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