These ‘Bad’ Kids Were In For A BIG Surprise From This Detective…

When you hear stories about police officers and kids, they typically involve crimes being done and arrests being made. However, this is not the case with Officer Jack Mook of Pittsburgh and the two boys for whom he did something amazing.

He is a typical police officer and “man’s man,” and he spends his spare time coaching kids in boxing on a volunteer basis at a local gym. He has worked with a large number of kids from underprivileged areas, but the ones who had the biggest impact on his life were two brothers, Josh and Jesse.

He had worked with Josh and Jesse, and trained them in the gym. One day, they suddenly stopped showing up for his sessions, and he was worried that something was wrong. Once he sought out the older brother and spoke with him, he found out about their horrible living situation. He decided that he could not let this go on, so he made an amazing gesture and offered up his own residence for the two boys. He decided to be a foster parent for Josh and Jesse.

Becoming a single parent has been a big adjustment for Officer Mook, but he cares for the two boys and does not regret his decision one bit. In fact, he loves them so much that he decided to officially adopt them in September 2014.

If all kids in unsuitable homes had a mentor like this, the world would be a much better place for all kids.

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