The President’s Credibility

The President’s Credibility

If President Donald Trump read the Wall Street Journal Wednesday, then the word “ouch” comes to mind.

The conservative newspaper’s editorial board held nothing back and fired off a few bombs, blasting Trump and questioning his presidential credibility. In the past, Gerard Baker, the editor in chief of The Wall Street Journal, has drawn criticism for his paper’s coverage for being soft and not aggressive enough when it came to the new Trump administration.

This time, WSJ let the White House have it, slamming Trump in basically three areas, exaggerations, accusations without evidence and far-fetched denials (with other fabrications).

The newspaper’s bold editorial likens the nation’s commander-in-chief to an inebriated fellow holding on to his gin bottle, when Trump continues to demand at his Twitter page that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration, even though the matter has been investigated by intelligence agencies and evidence to the contrary is lacking.

The iconic publication claims the president’s constant obsession with the wiretapping controversy has overshadowed other more important news items, like the Obamacare replacement bill on Capitol Hill and the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court nominee hearings. Instead, FBI Director James Comey has retained the spotlight in his conclusions that his bureau can find no evidence of the alleged wiretapping.

Meantime, the Wall Street Journal took aim at Trump with the famous Gallup Poll and the dipping voter approval survey numbers at 39%.

The paper sarcastically stated that President Trump might look at the Gallup Poll as fake news but suggest he better get his act together and learn what true honesty is, because if he doesn’t, most Americans may conclude he’s a fake President.

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