The National Cancer Institute Officially Concedes: ‘Cannabis Kills Cancer’

The National Cancer Institute Officially Concedes: ‘Cannabis Kills Cancer’

For years people have been warned about the many dangers of smoking cannabis. “It will rot your brain,” They said, “It will hook you like a fish and kill your ambition!”. Well, at long last the United States government is finally changing their stance on our friend, marijuana. In a rare public statement, they admitted that there are in fact, benefits from cannabis use. Specifically because the National Cancer Institute has acknowledged that cannabis can help kill cancer cells.

Researchers studied the THC and CBD molecules in cannabis. They have found that THC can reduce nausea and increase appetite (munchies). They have also found that THC can help decrease inflammation, swelling and pain (buzz). CBD is another cannabinoid, and it can be beneficial for controlling seizures, treating mental illness and even addiction.

This study also found that cannabis has many anti-cancer effects – in rats and mice tests showed that the cannabinoids can help suppress the growth of tumors and reduce inflammation in the colon. That is why it can possibly help reduce the risk of colon cancer. Additionally, cannabinoids can help destroy breast cancer cells while leaving the normal breast cells intact.

Despite admitting that cannabis has anticancer effects, the National Cancer Institute they says that they cannot recommend marijuana as a cancer treatment. They stated that it needs to be tested on humans before it can be recommended as a possible solution.

In the mean time, I guess we will all just have to continue experimenting on our own… For science.

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