Surprising Number Of Politicians Linked To KKK And We Decided To Release Their Names…

Surprising Number Of Politicians Linked To KKK And We Decided To Release Their Names…

The infamous Hacker group, Anonymous, is running rampant through the internet safe havens of the KKK, hacking and exposing like virtual vikings pillaging digital villages. Over the last few weeks, Anonymous has been tearing down KKK websites and has threatened to disclose the names of thousands of KKK members, some of whom are powerful politicians. The renowned hackers are claiming that they have a list of over 1000 senators and politicians that are linked to the KKK. As of right now, only a few names have been revealed, but Anonymous claims that the full list will be fully available shortly.

A short video was released that revealed a few of the identities of the alleged racist politicians. The first name read off was Senator Thomas Tillis from North Carolina. Anonymous claims that Tillis is a member of the Southern Knights of the Klu Klux Klan. His name, and the others mentioned in the video are not accompanied by addresses. Though if you want to send a racist some hate-mail here’s his address: Thom Tillis United States Senate 185 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510-3309.

Anonymous doesn’t want any physical harm to come to these senators,of course, but they do want to humiliate and expose them for the ignorant bigots they are. The next name made public by the hacker group is United States senator John Cornyn. Anonymous is claiming that the Texas senator is a member of the White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan in Texas. Needless to say, these allegations could be crippling if they are true. Anonymous is a dangerous and powerful organization to do the Texas two step with, and it won’t be long until the entire list is released to the American public.

All of the senators who have been accused of being members of the Klu Klux Klan are claiming that Anonymous is fabricating the entire story, but the group ca access databanks anywhere and can dig up just about anything from the depths of the “deep”, and the “dark” webs. It’s hard not to believe their story. It will be interesting to see how government reacts upon the release of the rest of the names. Will our own people punish these racists by removing tem from power (as they should)? Or will they pretend not to see or hear the scandal and try to sweep the whole thing under the rug? Only time will tell.

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