Sponsor Of Anti-LGBT “Bathroom Bill” Caught Sexually Harassing 34 Women – Expelled From Capitol

Sponsor Of Anti-LGBT “Bathroom Bill” Caught Sexually Harassing 34 Women – Expelled From Capitol

Smack in the middle of one of the most heated and controversial Presidential election cycles in recent history comes yet another scandal for the Republican party. It seems that one more prominent “GOP” senator has added his name to the eternally expanding list of “family values” champions who have let their pants (and their constituents) down at a crucial moment in their careers.

Tennessee state Representative Jeremy Durham has added his name to the list of scandal shamed “conservatives” who have campaigned publicly as “family values crusaders” while engaging in all sorts of hanky panky behind closed doors. However, this being the 21st century, it’s getting increasingly harder to keep these kind of secrets safely under wraps. It appears Rep. Durham’s luck has finally run out – and at the worst possible time.

It seems that the recent “transgender bathroom flap” was the spark that burned Jeremy Durham and sealed his fate as a publicly known sexual offender. Rep. Durham recently sponsored a bill, known as House Bill 2414, that would bar transgendered individuals from using the women’s bathroom in public places, such as restaurants, bars, public buildings, etc. This bill would supposedly give protection to women who would otherwise be at serious risk of assault from transgenders and/or men posing as women in order to have easy access to them.

Meanwhile, Durham himself has been literally exiled from his office at the House of Representatives because of harassment charges stemming from 34 different women. The current Speaker of the House, Beth Harwell, had to order Durham’s offices to be moved across the street from the House after these allegations came to her attention. She also ordered Durham’s access to the House itself to be strictly limited in order to minimize the danger that Durham posed to women on the grounds of the property.

This action came in the wake of a public warning issued by Attorney General Herbert Slatery to the effect that Durham posed a “serious risk” to female employees that are employed by Representatives or otherwise work in the building. As a result of these rulings, Durham is severely limited in his movements when inside the building, and is basically chaperoned at every step.

Of course, these aren’t the first allegations that Rep. Durham has faced in his long and infamous career. As was the case for many years, Durham badgered, groped, harassed, and threatened women at will because they were simply too afraid of losing their positions if they took steps to report it. Durham was simply too powerful and had too many connections to back him up if he came under fire for his actions. As a result, although he has been cited many times for his harassment and threats, Durham has never faced a serious backlash – until now.

In the wake of the Bill Cosby case, which has largely been played out in the court of public opinion, Durham may well find himself out of favor with the Washington “Old Boys’ Club” and soon after out of office. The tide of public opinion is turning against “family values” hypocrisy. Even as Durham runs for reelection, he may find that his recent pandering to the public over “transgender hysteria” is the time bomb that will soon blow up in his face.

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