Soldier Does Something Amazing After This Boy Couldn’t Find Help Anywhere Else.

Everyone loves a good story of kindness, of one person helping another, and of someone going out of their way to do something kind for others. Most people go soft when it comes to kids and Wayne Ingram is no different. The solider came in contact with a young boy named Stefan Savic while on patrol and he decided to do something about the boys debilitating facial cleft.

Though the boy had no means of getting help himself, Ingram made it is his mission to do everything he could possibly do to help the boy. The boy, with the help of Ingram, was taken to the UK to have facial reconstruction to repair the cleft. However, the surgery ended up being highly publicized because it left the boy with no nose.

This however did not stop Stefan from becoming a normal boy after the surgery. The condition had gone untreated for most of Stefan’s life and as a result it had grown between his eyes, effectively crushing part of his skull, leaving the boy nearly blind. Stefan has since recovered fully from the surgery and is quickly becoming your average 14 year old boy.

Though the kindness of a man that had never met him before, Stefan was given a new lease on life and a threatening disability that would likely have taken his life at a young age if it had been left untreated was corrected. Ingram says he would do it all again and it just goes to show you, kindness is not dead in this world.

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