She Steps Outside and Notices Her Sister Drowning In The Pool. What She Does Next…

A 12-year-old girl with Down syndrome is credited with saving her three-year-old sister’s life. Carin Richardson was outside preparing to enter her family’s pool. On reaching the edge, she noticed a small body at the bottom. Recognizing it as that of her baby sister, Jac’Lynn, she sprang into action. Grabbing a pair of nearby swim goggles, Carin jumped into the pool. She pulled her little sister out and rushed her into the house. According to Carin’s mother, Tomarra Richardson, “She was our hero; she saved her sister’s life.”

Carin’s family had been enjoying the pool together when the rest of the family went inside. Carin wanted to spend more time in the pool, so she went back out. Little Jac’Lynn slipped out unnoticed and attempted to get into a swim tube which was floating on the surface of the water. She was unable to do so and went through the tube to the bottom of the pool.

Carin’s oldest sister, Krystal Bishop, called 911 when Carin brought Jac’Lynn into the house. “Carin acted really fast,” she said. “She wasn’t really scared at all.” Jac’Lynn has been called the family’s “miracle baby.” Jac’Lynn’s mother was able to help her cough up some pool water. An emergency room visit confirmed that the three-year-old was okay.

Carin’s rescue story is remarkable, since children with Down syndrome are known for their slow reaction times. Since the near-drowning accident, Tomarra has installed additional locks on the pool and alarms for the front and back doors to the home.

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