She Saw Something In The Ocean And Grabbed Her Camera. What a rare sight.

Seeing something odd in the ocean usually means that you don’t go chasing after it, even if there is a chance that you can get some amazing pictures. This woman saw something odd in the water, and the first thing she does is grab her camera to take pictures.

The woman was in Australia when she saw the sight in the water. She was on a ferry, so she got a good look at what she was seeing. There was an octopus in the water almost directly below the ferry. This octopus was after a crab. The crab was doing everything possible to get away from the animal.

As the video progresses, the octopus seems to chase the crab in circles in the water. It looks like the crab can get away from the large, menacing animal, but in one movement, the octopus captures the crab. The crab still tries to get away after being caught by a tentacle, but the octopus enjoyed a delightful meal of crab.

This is a video that shows just what animals do in order to survive. They will chase their prey and catch it at any and all costs, even if it means swimming around in circles.

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