She Runs Away Every Single Day. When Mom Discovers Where She’s Going, She’s Devastated…

Dixie, already a mother two adopted children, was looking to expand her family when she met baby Danny. Doctors informed her that Danny had developmental delays. His speech was limited, and his motor skills were uncoordinated. Potty training him was a struggle. Never the less, Dixie opened her arms and made baby Danny a part of the family.

Dixie and her husband, Edward, were wonderful parents to their three children, providing them with everything they could need. But despite the children’s many requests, they would not get a dog. The family of five was big enough, they thought.

Dennie lived next door to family, where she trained search dogs. One of these dogs, named Saki, was nearing the end of her training and about ready to be sent to her new job. But she had one character flaw – almost every day, she would try to sneak out of the backyard.

One day, Saki finally made it out, and she went straight across the street to where Danny was playing. Danny smiled at her playfulness. After that, Saki came to see Danny every day. Their friendship had a profound effect on him. His motor skill improved, he became potty-trained, and he said his first full sentence: “I am Saki’s daddy.”

Because of this, Dixie and Dennie could see that Saki and Danny were meant to be together. The rescue organization to which Saki belonged originally declined to let her stay, but after representatives saw the fog and boy together, it as clear where she needed to be. And that is how Saki came to be a permanent member of Danny’s loving family.

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