She Looks Like Any Ordinary Toddler. But Her Special Talent Is Beyond Incredible!

When Dave Crosby heard his three year-old daughter singing, he knew that he had to record it. Dave’s daughter, Claire, is a big fan of Disney movies. Her favorite Disney movie is “The Little Mermaid”. Her dad recently recorded her singing “Part Of Your World” from the movie. The little girl’s performance was impressive. She managed to memorize and sing all of the words. She was also able to deliver every note with emotion and accuracy.

Claire was wearing a long, sparkling blue dress during the performance. After she finishes singing, she asks, “Did I do it daddy?” She then exclaims, “I did It!” Dave was interviewed by the local news. He told the news that he decided to record his daughter after he heard her singing while they were waiting at the auto shop. The other customers were impressed with Claire’s voice.

She is now touching people all over the world with her amazing voice. This dynamic father and daughter reside in Utah. The video of Claire doing her amazing rendition of “A Part Of Your World” went viral a few days after it was posted. It has been shared on Facebook over 25,000 times. Many people have commented saying that the girl is very talented.

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