She Drops Old CDs Into A Pot Of Boiling Water. By The Time She’s Done, I Copied Her

If you are like many people, you listen to music using an iPod, a phone, or an mp3 player. As such, you may not have any use for your old CDs anymore. If this is the case, and you like arts and crafts, you can do something really cool with these old CDs.

You will need old CDs, string, wire, pliers, strong glue, a skewer, a Styrofoam ball, and a cutting tool that can cut through metal. Start off by breaking your CDs into smaller pieces. to do this, you can wrap them in towels, and smash them with a hammer through the towels. If you would like to cut them into specific shapes, you can boil them first to soften them and then cut them.

Then, pierce your Styrofoam ball with the skewer all the way through. Thread the hole with the wire, and then make a knot at the bottom so that it stays. Make a loop at the top so that you can hang your ball.

Now, you can glue the CD pieces on to the ball. Start at the center of the ball so that you have an idea of the symmetry of the ball as you glue on the pieces. Glue the pieces all over the ball, and you will have your very own homemade disco ball. A big plus with this is that you are being environmentally friendly and using old CDs. Additionally, it is fun and will give you a cool disco ball.

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